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PhonoLo GmbH

Eine App für den Transfer im Rahmen der Dyslalie-Therapie. Als Logopädin oder Logopäde können Sie über die Website eine Vollversion erhalten. Bei Fragen dürfen Sie uns gerne über die Website eine Nachricht senden.

Von Logopäden, für Logopäden! PhonoLo-Die App für den logopädischen Alltagstransfer
PhonoLo ist eine logopädische App die Kinderherzen höherschlagen lässt.
Konzipiert ist die App für den Bereich der Kindersprache und umfasst Übungen für Kinder mit phonologischem Störungsbild.

Angelehnt ist die App an den P.O.P.T. Ansatz nach Annette Fox-Boyer und bietet somit Kindern zwischen 3 und 7 Jahren eine optimale Unterstützung zur Therapie.
Für jeden Logopäden ist PhonoLo eine gute Möglichkeit therapeutische Hausaufgaben für seine kleinen Patienten spannender und effektiver zu gestalten. Denn PhonoLo bietet durch seine anschaulichen Grafiken und kurzen Animationen eine optimale Grundlage für eine individuelle und kindgerechte Therapie.

Motivation und Lernbereitschaft der Kinder werden gefördert, sodass einen schneller und dauerhaften Therapieerfolg resultiert.

PhonoLo lässt Kinder in die magische Welt der Insel „Logoli“ eintauschen, wo sie in vielen spannenden Übungen die Möglichkeit bekommen, ihre Fähigkeiten spielerisch auszubauen.

Rezeptiven sowie expressiven Übungen wird hier gleichermaßen Bedeutung zugemessen.
Für eine zusätzliche datenbasierte Therapie sorgt die Statistikfunktion, die kindliche Leistungsstände dauerhaft erfasst und Lernerfolge sichtbar werden lässt.

Eine neue Art von Hausaufgabe, die viel Spaß und Abwechslung verspricht. Dank PhonoLo gehören langweilige Hausaufgaben nun der Vergangenheit an.

Folgende Ersetzungsprozesse werden in der App behandelt:

/k/ zu /t/
/k/ zu /g/
/​ʃ/ zu /s/
/r/ zu /l/
/r/ zu /h/
/g/ zu /b/
/g/ zu /d/
/f/ zu /s/
/ch1/ zu /s/
/kr/ zu /tr/

Als Logopädin oder Logopäde können Sie über die Website die Vollversion erhalten.

Astound – Voice & Speech Coach
Astound Inc

*Featured app of the day*

Astound helps you speak your best. Say good-bye to feeling like you missed an opportunity because of **how** you said something.

Each day Astound provides you with a set of personalized speech exercises, including breathing, and vocal warmups, that you can watch where ever you are. Simply select your experience level, and one of the following goals:
– speaking tempo
– speaking clarity
– speaking projection (volume)
– speaking pitch

Many users report feeling more confident speaking in front of others after just the third day of practice.

Astound helps you track your progress. Record your voice daily, and get helpful feedback and guidance on what to listen to.


– Astound offers an extensive library of 100+ easy-to-follow video tutorials
– A 30 Day Challenge, which gradually strengthens your voice over time
– Byte-sized practice packs for specific goals, like preparing for an interview or presentation on stage, an important meeting or call, talking in front of a group, or even your next date.

– Audio Voice Recorder
– Audio feedback and analytics on your speaking tempo, pitch modulation, and volume
– Create a playlist with your very own warmup exercises
– Reminders to help you build a healthy habit.

*Subscription pricing*
If you want to get the souped-up version, you can pay less than your monthly coffee budget. The three auto-renewing subscription options:
– $6.49/month
– $39.99/6 months – that’s roughly $5.15/month, and 20% savings
– $54.49/year – that’s roughly $4.50/month, and 30%

These prices are for United States Customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.
Your Astound subscription will automatically renew, and your credit card will be charged, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchases your subscription. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments, please email us at:
We’d love to hear from you.

Read more about our Terms & Conditions:

Read more about our Privacy Policy:

Mundmotorik mit dem Smart Oral Motor
Smarty Ears, LLC

„We have used this app with children between the ages of 5 and 10 with diagnoses of apraxia, articulation disorders and autism. The children we have used the app with were more willing to complete the oral motor exercise routine when using the app versus just following the Speech Therapist’s instructions.“ Bridging Apps.com

Oral motor skills refer to the skills needed for basic functions such as eating and speaking. The muscles in the mouth, jaw, lips and tongue are responsible for smiling, facial expressions, and even swallowing. We know that in order to practice these skills effectively, children need to follow basic directions involving movements of the muscles in their mouths.
Children with Apraxia of Speech, Down syndrome or craniofacial anomalies many times experience difficulties with their oral motor skills.

Smart Oral Motor is a fun and engaging application for children who need a little more entertaining when practicing their oral motor skills. Clever, the duck, provides auditory and visual cues for practicing several oral motor exercises such as:
-Puckering lips
-Making an “o” with the mouth
-Sending a kiss
-Moving tongue to sides
-Puffing cheeks
-Touching cheeks using the tongue
-Moving the tongue up and down

This application includes a total of 15 oral motor exercises, auditory information and fun animations. Parents and therapists have the ability to adjust the number of repetitions per movement as they please.

This application does not replace the need for a full evaluation by a licensed professional such as an occupational therapist or a speech therapist. Therapists will evaluate and provide full guidance on how to best use this application. If parents are working with their therapists in trying to develop a home program for their child, this can be one very user friendly and engaging resource.

3D Speech-Trainer: Artikulation auf Englisch
Smarty Ears, LLC

Speech Trainer 3-D is a unique application created specifically to help individuals with speech-sound disorders and English language learners. Speech Trainer 3-D provides an animated video model for both consonants and vowel sounds. With both a side and front view, Speech Trainer 3-D provides 32 English language sounds: 23 consonants and 8 vowels. Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist, Speech Trainer 3-D is perfect for those individuals struggling with sound production and for use by SLPs, special educators, and parents alike.
Speech Trainer 3-D was created to be used as a therapy tool to assist individuals in correctly producing target sounds. Speech Trainer incorporates both an animated video of the speech sound as well as a systematic breakdown for describing the movements necessary for each sound. Both video modeling and video prompting are useful for many individuals when learning new skills1.
In addition to the animated video model, Speech Trainer 3-D uses the camera function built into the iPad 2 and higher to allow the learner to see a side-by-side picture of the model and his or her own face making the sound. Incorporating the built-in camera allows the professional to utilize both a visual and a tactile prompt for the client, which may in turn, encourage longer productions and improve the muscle coordination needed for speech2.
How to Use
Speech Trainer 3-D is designed to be used individually or in group practice. Once the app is loaded, the user can choose whether to work on consonants or vowels. When a phoneme type has been selected, the app will open with a phoneme bar along the top of the page and the side-view of a model of the speech mechanism. For consonants, the user can simply slide the selection bar sideways to access all of the consonant sounds. When the phoneme is selected, a “play” arrow is tapped and the video model moves while the sound is produced. To hear the systematic breakdown of movements, a double “fast-forward” arrow is pushed. A square will surround the area being discussed. Subsequent taps on the double arrow will move to the next prompt.
The app opens in a default side-view; however, a frontal view is available. In this view, the speech-mechanism model is replaced with a person modeling the sounds. The app also provides an audio example of 2-4 words for each sound.
The iPad camera is activated when the iPad is rotated to the landscape position. At that time, the user will see their image in the camera beside the avatar. The user will then be able to use the video modeling to make encourage accurate production of sounds.

Speech Trainer 3-D allows the user to specify which sound in the English language to target. Transitioning between multiple sounds is easily accomplished with the tap of a button. Changing from the side medical model of the speech mechanism to the mirror like human model is done with a quick tap. Finally, adding a self-monitoring component is encouraged by simply rotating the iPad and engaging the iPad’s built-in camera.

•Full color medical model of the speech mechanism
•Systematic breakdown of each phoneme with video
•32 English phonemes: 23 consonants and 8 vowels
•Both side and frontal views for demonstrating the sound
•Built-in camera feature to encourage self-monitoring

Speech Trainer 3D demonstrates the sounds in two views: Front and Side View. Speech Trainer uses the International Phonetics Alphabet, which is the best way to represent each sound.
Speech Trainer has 30 sounds represented; 23 consonants and 7 vowels.