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Machbarkeit: Spiel mit Augenbrauen steuern

Machbarkeit: Spiel mit Augenbrauen steuern

Version: 1.1.2von Nathan Gitter

Mehr eine Machbarkeitsstudie, denn eine sinnvolle TherapieAPP: Rainbrow. Durch Augenbrauen wird die App gesteuert, die daher ausschließlich auf einem iPhone X funktioniert.

** Featured on the App Store as Game of the Day! **

Rainbrow is a game you play with your face! Your eyebrows control your character.

Lift your eyebrows up to jump up and lower them to jump down. Dodge enemies, collect stars, and get a high score!

Lot of enemies to dodge, including
• cars
• basketballs
• ducks
• various weather conditions
• spooky ghosts
...and more!

Watch out for a special powerup that gives your character rainbow eyebrows and the ability to destroy enemies in its path!

Rainbrow uses the TrueDepth camera system on the iPhone X to track your eyebrow movements. As a result, the game cannot be played on devices without a TrueDepth camera system.

Having difficulty with the game recognizing your eyebrows? Try moving to an area with more light. Have fun!
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Entwickler / Hersteller

Nathan Gitter