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Diagnostik für Aphasie-Patienen: iScreen
Smarty Ears, LLC

iScreen Aphasia – A New Dimension in Aphasia Screening

Designed for Speech-Language Pathologists, iScreen Aphasia is a revolutionary tool that empowers professionals in the complex task of evaluating and developing treatment plans for patients with aphasia.

Why Choose iScreen Aphasia?

Complete Evaluation: Engage in an expressive and receptive language screening process that pinpoints areas of deficit, assists in diagnosing types of aphasia, and offers accuracy percentages for every area screened, including G code modifiers.
Efficiency: Whether you have access to standardized assessments or not, this app’s seamless design allows for quick and efficient screening to guide your therapy plan of care.
Reassessment Tool: Monitor progress and determine discharge criteria with a quick and easy reassessment tool that enhances your practice.
In-Depth Patient Information: Enter crucial patient details such as information about the neurological event, site of lesion, prior level of function, and more, all integrated into the final report.

Expressive Assessment: Automatic speech tasks, gestures, naming objects, phrase/sentence completion, repetition, reading, oral spelling, and more.
Receptive Assessment: Body Part Identification, ID Objects (Simple & Complex), Multi-Step Directions, Story Comprehension (Listening to Story), Yes/No Questions.
Oral Motor Assessment: Lingual, Labial.
Comprehensive Reporting: Upon completion, print or email a comprehensive, simple-to-read report of the screening results.
Advance Aphasia Care with iScreen Aphasia
Whether you’re a seasoned SLP or just starting, iScreen Aphasia enhances your professional toolkit, paving the way for precision, understanding, and innovation in aphasia care.

Experience a groundbreaking approach to aphasia screening. Download iScreen Aphasia today and transform the way you evaluate and treat this complex disorder.