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Diagnostik für Aphasie-Patienen: iScreen
Smarty Ears, LLC

iScreen Aphasia is a new tool to aid in the evaluation and treatment development process of patients with aphasia.

This screening tool will guide you through a complete expressive and receptive language screening process, assist you in diagnosing type of aphasia and provide percentages of accuracy for each area screened including the corresponding G code modifier.

Whether or not you have access to a standardized aphasia assessment, this app will allow you to screen each patient quickly and efficiently to guide your therapy plan of care and will give you a quick and easy reassessment tool to monitor progress and determine discharge criteria.

You will be able to enter patient information including information regarding the neurological event, site of lesion, prior level of function, etc. which will all be included on the final report.

This app contains 3 main domains of assessment: expressive and receptive language and oral motor tasks with multiple tasks assessed under each domain. Tasks assessed include:


• Automatic speech tasks
• Gestures
• Naming objects
• Phrase/sentence completion
• Repetition
• Reading
• Reading comprehension
• Oral spelling
• Written words


• Body Part Identification
• ID Objects (Simple)
• ID Objects (Complex)
• 1 Step Directions
• 2 Step Directions
• 3 Step Directions
• Story Comprehension (Listening to Story)
• Yes/No Questions

Oral Motor:
• Lingual
• Labial

Upon completion of each task you will be able to print or email a simple to read, comprehensive report of the screening results.