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Therapieverlauf dokumentieren und Eltern informieren

Therapieverlauf dokumentieren und Eltern informieren

Version: 8.14.0von Seesaw Learning, Inc.

Kinder, egal ob mit SES, Dyslalie oder einer myofunktionellen Störung, sind sehr oft sehr stolz auf ihre Fortschritte. Mit Seesaw Class können sie ihren Therapieverlauf in einer Art Tagebuch dokumentieren und an ihre Eltern schicken – wenn diese Seesaw Parent Access installiert haben.

Zusammen ein Motivationsschub und gut für die Transparenz der Therapie.

With Seesaw, even our youngest learners can bring their ideas and imagination to life so that teachers, parents, and school leaders have a window into their minds – where phenomenal growth is taking place every day!

Join millions of Seesaw users who have created powerful learning communities with this game-changing educational resource.

For Students:
∙ Multimodal tools to increase engagement– video, audio, drawing, and more!
∙ Class journals to share and celebrate achievements
∙ Gradual increase of learning ownership and agency

For Families:
∙ Communicate easily with teachers–includes instant translation in 100+ languages
∙ Get insight into your child’s progress
∙ View and comment on your child’s work

For Teachers:
∙ Ability to design and share lessons
∙ Over 100k ready-to-teach learning activities
∙ Student grouping and simplified assigning
∙ Individual, group, class, and multi-class communication
∙ Progress monitoring
∙ Year-over-year portfolios

For Administrators:
∙ School or district-aligned activity libraries
∙ Schoolwide announcements
∙ Schoolwide visibility, data, and settings
∙ Additional standards-aligned curriculum options
∙ Regional data storage
∙ LMS and SIS integrations

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